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  • What Happened in 1999 inc. Pop Culture, Prices and Events
    The Year 1999 From The People History What happened in 1999 Major News Stories include World Worries about Y2K and the millennium bug, Columbine High School shootings, Dr Jack Kevorkian, found guilty of second-degree murder for giving a lethal injection in a case of voluntary euthanasia, Start of Millennium celebrations worldwide,
  • A Brief Guide to Pop Culture in 1999 – Flavorwire
    Head past the break for a look at 1999, and leave your favorite memories in the comments below Film The top grossing films in the US in 1999: 1 The Sixth Sense 2 Toy Story 2 3
  • 1999 History, Trivia and Fun Facts - pop-culture. us
    1999 Pop Culture History Phil Collins recorded not only the English version but the French, German, Italian and Spanish versions of the songs for Disney's Tarzan film soundtrack Cher holds the record for longest time span between two consecutive number one hits in the USA, with the songs Dark Lady in 1974 and Believe in 1999 - a gap of 25 years
  • Fandom Throwback: What 1999 looked like in pop culture
    The big screen boomed in 1999 with cinematic classics and fun favorites alike The Oscar for Best Picture went to American Beauty in 1999, and the top five grossing films in the United States were
  • Year in Review, 1999: Pop Culture Trends - InfoPlease
    Year in Review, 1999: Pop Culture Trends 1999 was the year of Pokémon, Latin pop, Harry Potter, and Dot-coms Live regulars, representing a grinding contrast to the boy band ballads and Latin dance wonders that also ruled in 1999 The popular group of rockers are children of the 80's, inspired by Aerosmith's teaming with Run D M C and the
  • 1999 Year In Review Video Timeline - Mr Pop Culture
    Year 1999 In Technology News And Information Y2K Fears - A New Year's Timebomb? DSL For Internet Year 1999 In Sports News And Other Fascinating Facts Dick Clark Countdowns Minutes Into Year 2000 Top Movie 1999 Top Pop Hit Music Single 1999 1999 - Year Of, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" From Here – You Can Scroll Through Year 1999
  • What Happened in 1992 inc. Pop Culture, Prices and Events . . .
    What Happened in 1992 inc Pop Culture, Prices and Events What Happened in 1992 inc Pop Culture, Prices and Events What Happened in 1992 inc Pop Culture, Prices and Events Visit What Happened in 1992 inc Pop Culture, Prices and Events class+reunion+ideas | Class Creator Forums - Planning a Great Reunion : Offering Some Ideas
  • Welcome To 2016! These 1996 Pop Culture Moments Are Now 20 . . .
    These 1996 pop culture events are now 20 years old From Spice Girls to StarTAC, Tupac to JonBenet, all of these big events are turning 20 As host of That 90s Show on Z95-3 in Vancouver, I spend part of my life living in the past, digging through archives and remembering the 90s

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