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  • What Happened in 1999 inc. Pop Culture, Prices and Events
    Hurricane Floyd, a category 4 storm, hits the United States East coast during September of 1999 About 3 million people evacuated their homes in anticipation of the storm, which at its peak had winds of up to 140 miles per hour
  • A Brief Guide to Pop Culture in 1999 – Flavorwire
    Head past the break for a look at 1999, and leave your favorite memories in the comments below Film The top grossing films in the US in 1999: 1 The Sixth Sense 2 Toy Story 2 3
  • 1999 Trivia, History and Fun Facts - Pop Culture dot US
    1999 Pop Culture News Phil Collins recorded not only the English version but the French, German, Italian and Spanish versions of the songs for Disney's Tarzan film soundtrack Cher holds the record for longest time span between two consecutive number one hits in the USA, with the songs Dark Lady in 1974 and Believe in 1999 - a gap of 25 years
  • What Happened in 1998 inc. Pop Culture, Prices and Events
    France Wins 1998 World Cup in France More Information for the 1998 World Cup The 16th FIFA World Cup began during June of 1998 and was held in France A total of 32 teams qualified for the tournament and the matches were held across ten different cities in the country During the 64 matches a total of 165 goals were scored
  • What Happened in 1992 inc. Pop Culture, Prices and Events . . .
    What Happened in 1971 including Pop Culture, Prices, Events and Technology Find this Pin and more on Just silliness by Yasmin Baig Highlights From the Time Period in History, Significant events, news, key technology advances during the decade and Military and Political Leaders
  • A Brief Guide to Pop Culture in 1999 – Page 2 – Flavorwire
    The American Pie crew — who we were first introduced to back in 1999 — will be getting the class together again for American Reunion A Brief Guide to Pop Culture in 1999 – Page 2 – Flavorwire
  • Year in Review 1999 | Pop Culture Trends - InfoPlease
    Pop Culture Trends 1999 was the year of Pokémon, Latin pop, Harry Potter, and Dot-coms
  • Fandom Throwback: What 1999 looked like in pop culture
    1999 brought as the premieres of the critically-acclaimed The Sopranos and The West Wing, while the Law and Order franchise added another notch to its belt with the still-running Law and Order: SVU

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