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  • 2013 Norwegian parliamentary election - Wikipedia
    A parliamentary election was held in Norway on 8 and 9 September 2013 The centre-right coalition obtained 96 seats, while the incumbent red–green coalition government obtained 72 seats and the Green Party obtained one The Labour Party won the largest share (30 8%) of the votes cast, with the Conservatives coming second (26 8%), after increasing their share by 9 6 percentage points
  • 2015 Polish parliamentary election - Wikipedia
    Parliamentary elections to both the Sejm and Senate were held in Poland on 25 October 2015 The election was won by the largest opposition party Law and Justice (PiS) with 37 6% of the vote against the governing Civic Platform (PO), which achieved 24 1% Official results, announced on 27 October, gave Law and Justice 235 of 460 seats (51 percent), a majority of four

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