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  • Globalization Postcard: Albert Speer Jr. to Build Detroit . . .
    Globalization Postcard Albert Speer Jr to Build "Detroit of the East" in China With its plans to build a city neighborhood dedicated to the car industry Changchun, China is taking another
  • Product Piracy Goes High-Tech: Nabbing Know-How in China
    In the first case, European Aeronautic and Space Company (EADS) subsidiary Airbus announced that it plans to build its own plant in China, news that promptly set off a heated debate over the need
  • Cairobserver
    Albert Speer JR has a planning firm with many projects all over the world and he was commissioned by Mubarak’s NDP party to propose a plan for 6th of October City west of Cairo The proposal was to be implemented by the Nazif government and was to be part of the mysterious Cairo 2050 plan for which Speer was a consultant Hopefully the collapse of the NDP means an end to their new capital plans that were unambiguously for the benefit of a few businessmen in Gamal Mubarak’s Club
  • (PDF) The role of iconic architecture in globalizing urban . . .
    The Role of Iconic Architecture in Globalizing Urban Megaprojects 161 meant that they had to attract customers for the benefit of the private retail and culture industries market
  • Iconic architecture in globalizing cities: International . . .
    Building globalization: Transnational architectural production in urban China, Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press [Google Scholar], ch 4) There seems no end to the UMP wave, both high-rise and low-rise, in Shanghai
  • Chapter 7 The Role of Iconic Architecture in Globalizing . . .
    Despite this high-level backing, the planning process for the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) dragged on throughout the decade, and at time of writing (summer 2010) it still dragged on Bearing this in mind, it is an appropriate place to start a discussion of the role of iconic architecture in UMP
  • Discover ideas about Today In History - Pinterest
    JEWISH HISTORY World History History photos History facts Detroit history World War Two American History Ww2 Henry Ford Forward Only three of the 11 ministers elected to the first Hitler cabinet were NSDAP members
  • (PDF) The globalisation of modern architecture: the impact . . .
    linking Olympic Park and Tiananmen Square was designed by Albert Speer Jr, giving the son on the city and on postcard sets of the ‘New Beijing’ Building Globalization closely

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